The Key to Self-Empowerment, High-Quality Relationships, and a Fulfilling Life

Harvard University continues to conduct the longest running and most in depth human happiness study in history. The purpose of this remarkable 75 year (plus) study was to determine the single most important factor in determining long-term personal health and happiness. The answer? The quality of our relationships! We simply need high-quality relationships to truly enjoy our lives.

At Heart Centered Relating we help people to dramatically improve the quality of their lives and their relationships through clarification of desired outcomes, and practical skills development. More than anything else, we need to become aware of the incredible nature of the human heart; our heart's physical, spiritual & energetic/emotional influence on the quality of our life; and Heart Science is making that more possible than ever before.  

As we increase our understanding of our heart's love and wisdom, we expand our capacity to make wise choices. By learning to access our heart's power, we strengthen our ability to enact our best choices. Understanding these truths is vital to optimizing our connection with ourselves, and with each other; and high-quality connections are vital to consistently achieving desired outcomes. Thus, only when we connect with each other in heart-centered ways can we achieve a truly happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. 

Though the Harvard study continues to confirm that high-quality relationships are the key to our happiness and well-being, based on another comprehensive research study, we are moving in the wrong direction. Pew Research did a study of 10,000 Americans to determine how connected we feel with each other. The research results revealed that we are more polarized and divided than ever before in history! 

Our mission at Heart Centered Relating is to counter this trend by helping others learn how to live from their hearts through our Heart-Centered Life-Coaching Programs, as well as through our soon to be released HCR Online Seminar Programs. We teach people how to connect with what is truly important to their happiness, and to relate with others in new ways that lead to harmonious, enjoyable, and productive relating, and thus, to higher levels of needs fulfillment. 

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