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This is the Book Download Page

If you are familiar with downloading e-books, simply scroll to 

the bottom of the page and click the Download Book Link

If you are familiar with downloading e-books, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Download Book Link

The following instructions are provided to optimize our Book Download and Book Reading experience. 

How to Optimize Book Viewing on Your Computer  

The book displays best in Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. If you have it, then proceed; if you don't (or you're not sure), it is recommended that you install (or re-install) Acrobat Reader before continuing. Click the button below to go to Adobe's Acrobat Reader (DC) download page.

Downloading the Book (Web Browser Instructions)

The followings instructions are for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. If you're not using Chrome or Firefox, please switch to either one of these browsers now by taking the following 3 simple steps:

1)  Copy the entire web page address line below.  

2)  Open Chrome or Firefox and paste the webpage address you copied into the address bar.

3)  Press Enter to activate the new web page address, and continue downloading the book.

          Downloading the Book  

When you click on the Book Download Link (page bottom) two things will happen: 1) the book will immediately open in your web browser, while... 2) simultaneously downloading. While the book is downloading, a download progression bar will be displayed at the top of your screen. The download usually takes just a few minutes (or faster). When it's complete, click your browser's Download Button Arrow Icon (top right-ish of your screen). You will be asked where you want to save the book file ("Downloads" is usually the default folder). Note & remember the name of the folder where you saved the file.

          Opening the Book in Acrobat Reader 

Once the book is downloaded (and you have Acrobat Reader installed), use your file manager to go to the folder where you saved the book and double-click on the book name. If you have Acrobat Reader installed, the book will automatically open in it.  

Reading Clarity Note: it's easy to begin reading the book because it automatically opens in your web browser window. However, because the book displays and reads much better in Acrobat Reader than it does in a web browser window, it is highly recommended that use Acrobat Reader as your book viewing program.

          Need Help with These Instructions?

If the above procedures are unfamiliar to you, or you come across some other download or viewing snag, you can email ​me (click "Click Here" below the book link) and ​I will help you resolve the issue.

Email Notification: ​I have sent you two emails: 1) a receipt for your book purchase, and 2) a follow up email related to your book purchase.

Important Reminder

Ensure your current web browser is Chrome or Firefox before downloading

CLICK the Download Link Line below to download the book

Book Download Link

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