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AVOID the 10 MOST COMMON Communication Mistakes!

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Become a Heart Ninja Communicator

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  • LEARN the 10 best questions to ask to connect with others!
  • AVOID the 10 most common communication mistakes!
  • RECOGNIZE the feelings & needs behind others words and actions.
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    ACCESS your heart wisdom to effectively guide your communications.
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    GET to the heart-of-the matter in any situation.
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    SOLVE conflicts and disagreements quickly!

 Bryan Bourdon


Bryan Bourdon is the founder of Heart Centered Relating (HCR), author of the book The Art of Heart Empowered Living, and developer of HCR’s Personal Life Assessment Program. Bryan’s mission is to increase our awareness of how to live happier and more engaging lives through becoming aware of the wisdom and empowerment of our heart. Oh ya, he also likes tools, gadgets, fixing things, inventing, philosophy, psychology, and especially... helping people!