What Are We Here To Learn?

Many years ago, I went through a very angry stage in my life. This started with becoming aware of the reality of secret societies, of how controlled and manipulated our money system is, and for that matter, every major institution we rely upon for our quality of life.

Looking back, I can see that at the time I didn’t have the awareness — the spiritual maturity — to handle the reality of the unfairness of life that I, at the time, could simply no longer deny. There is a certain bliss in naiveté, but like it or not, Life doesn’t leave us in states of naiveté. Eventually our eyes are opened…

Over time, my anger diminished in ratio to my understanding of (what I now refer to as) the Divine Purpose of Life — of becoming more certain about the BIG “Why are we here question?” After much reading, study, research, and contemplation, my anger at Life ceased as I came to the conclusion that Life is not (overall) unfair. I eventually came to this conclusion as I developed a better understanding of the contrasting experiences we need to go through in order for each of us to develop and mature spiritually.

I began to trust that, for reasons I could not yet fully comprehend, each of us had to go through our own version of Earth-School; basically, we are on an Earth-School journey tailored to what we need to experience in our way to expand our consciousness. This, it seems, is how each of us learns about our individual and collective capacity to create incredible future lives for each other. Isn’t that the vision each of us holds somewhere in our heart?… to create beautiful future lives?

What I think we are trying to wake ourselves up to understand is that the implementation of that vision (of a great life for all) can begin right now! The more of us who believe in that vision, and the more of us who make a conscious decision to work together to make that vision happen now, the more we will experience that vision unfolding before us.

So far, what we seem to have excelled at is teasing ourselves about “what is possible” in regards to achieving great lives for all. We see and believe it is possible, because we have experienced a glimpse of it ourselves, or seen it done here and there. By now, we all have seen in some documentary, models of beautiful and sustainable community lives that are both practical and inspiring. But often these initiatives die, or don’t spread out as you expect they naturally would. Why? Well, learning how to figure that out, and then doing something about it, are in part why we’re in Earth-School.

If we want to come to a better understanding of Life, we need to study Life. We learn about Life by comparing the elements and things of Life, noticing differences, and coming to conclusions about what we think and feel about those differences. A few weeks back, I had a series of thoughts that created a major paradigm shift in me. I had been thinking a lot about why we have such a hard time cooperating with each other on a consistent basis, and there are many reasons that seriously challenge our ability in this regard that I cover in my book, and will be expanding upon in future posts.

However, in terms of a splendid example of harmonious cooperation, I considered a hive of bees. They don’t have problems cooperating. Why? Why are bees able to go about their business, all work together toward the goal of what they do in nature, without fighting, bickering or worse, but we “smarter, higher-consciousness” humans as a collective society can’t? The answer, though obvious once considered, was rather eye-opening for me. Bees don’t fight amongst each other in their colonies because they can’t. They haven’t been programmed with that capacity.

Basically, bees are being “told” what to do by their programming — continuously; we are not. We have the conscious ability to decide some things, and as soon as there is individual choice capability within a collective, Pandora’s box is opened. There is no getting around it — for the element of choice guarantees challenges will arise that will cause people not to want to cooperate, for inevitably someone’s choice is going to interfere with someone else’s choice.

However, if Pandora’s box had not been opened, then all we would ever be is… basically drones… doing what we are being told to do. Since Life has demonstrated the ability to program great cooperation with bees, as well as throughout nature, then why doesn’t/hasn’t Life programmed us to do the same, but at (let’s say) a higher level? Because in order for the Purpose of Life to complete Itself within us, we need to learn to program ourselves to cooperate with each other. That is the only way we derive true satisfaction from our experiences of Life. We need to feel we are part of the struggle of figuring this out. We need to feel our input matters in the overall process of us all learning how to get along; and we need to feel that our autonomy and individual contributions matter.

So, we are here in Earth-School learning how to meet each other’s needs in mutually beneficial ways — and in this pursuit — each of needs the guiding wisdom of our heart to know how best to accomplish our part, as well as the empowerment of our heart to consistently implement our heart’s guidance. 


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Trina - July 15, 2018 Reply

Thanks Bryan! I can really relate to your mention of spiritual maturity and awareness. I believe when the colliding of powerful events in your life occur, it’s like a knock to the head, and you have a ‘a-ha’ moment in which you want to learn more about what has brought you to this point, and the empowering energy to learn more about how you can become more aware in harnessing it.

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