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Finding The Benefit

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Finding the Benefit in Challenging Situations

A Powerful Heart-Centered Life Practice

Finding the benefit when reflecting upon pleasant times is easy. However, a key trick to increasing our enjoyment of life lies in our ability to find the benefit in unpleasant experiences. In this article, I’m going to be sharing some strategies to accomplish this.

It only makes sense that the quicker we are at finding the benefit in emotionally challenging situations, the happier and more engaged in life we will be. And the positive outcomes of consistently finding the benefit in challenging circumstances are highly significant. Have you ever noticed? –– it’s much easier and a lot more fun to be around people who are happy and engaged in life in meaningful ways: people who don’t major in minors, and keep a level head, even in very challenging situations. 


A Simple Daily Practice To Gain Self-Control

​Pivotal Moment Temperance

​Pivotal Moment Temperance is the HCR Life Skill of developing the alertness and character strength required to be capable of responding to challenging situations with heart-empowered temperance.

It is always the quality of our thoughts (whether heart-centered, or ego-based​), that will determine whether we respond with temperance when facing a challenging situation. This is true because what we say or do is almost always preceded by what we are thinking. 

Mental Clarity Sharpen Daily Focus

A Practical Strategy For Sharpening Daily Focus

In my last post, I wrote about how we love flow experiences, and I explained 5 Principles that lead to increasing our flow experiences. In this article, I’m going to explain a very practical strategy for sharpening daily focus (that you can begin today) that falls under flow Principle 1 covered in my last post: Routine Development.

Creating Flow Experiences

Creating Flow Experiences

When it’s Clicking it Feels Great!

“Clicking” describes action-based flow experiences. We love these experiences because they feel so good when we’re in them, and because action-based flow experiences produce desired results, they also feel very satisfying and fulfilling when we are done with the activity.

What Are We Here To Learn?


What Are We Here To Learn?

Many years ago, I went through a very angry stage in my life. This started with becoming aware of the reality of secret societies, of how controlled and manipulated our money system is, and for that matter, every major institution we rely upon for our quality of life.

Looking back, I can see that at the time I didn’t have the awareness — the spiritual maturity — to handle the reality of the unfairness of life that I, at the time, could simply no longer deny. There is a certain bliss in naiveté, but like it or not, Life doesn’t leave us in states of naiveté. Eventually our eyes are opened…

Achieving Connection & Understanding

Broadening Our Perspective

Achieving Connection & Understanding

One of the most beneficial yet neglected practices we can engage in to broaden our perspective, and thus improve ourselves and our ability to meaningfully connect with others — is to adequately prepare for key communication encounters.

When we effectively prepare for important discussions in heart-centered, reflective ways, the preparation process itself begins to change us — it affects our views, ideas, and perspectives on things. It helps us to better see what is truly relevant and important in a given situation. This clarity often spawns intuitive feelings and ideas of changes that could be made that would be in everyone’s best interest to consider, and perhaps to adopt through a collaborative implementation process.

The Purpose of Language

Achieving Understanding

The Purpose of Language

The purpose of language is to help us understand and relate to each other. Language helps us identify concepts and objects; it helps us understand and make sense of the world around us and the world within us. There is an undeniable, insatiable deep need and drive embedded in the human psyche to understand the “why” behind what we experience and perceive, and language helps us figure this out.

Open Up Your Heart and Let It Begin

Heart Nature

Open Up Your Heart and Let It Begin

Learning about and becoming aware of the incredible nature of the human heart, both in terms of its effect on our physiology, as well as the spiritual implications associated with the heart, is a life-changing subject.  It certainly was for me. The more I researched, contemplated and wrote about the heart, the more insight I received in understanding the role of our hearts in the Body-Mind-Spirit connection that makes up our human experience.