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Finding The Benefit

Picture of a beach shore with an open treasure chest filled with sparkly coins with a heart superimposed overtop. The words Finding the Benefit are written in bold on the image

Finding the Benefit in Challenging Situations

A Powerful Heart-Centered Life Practice

Finding the benefit when reflecting upon pleasant times is easy. However, a key trick to increasing our enjoyment of life lies in our ability to find the benefit in unpleasant experiences. In this article, I’m going to be sharing some strategies to accomplish this.

It only makes sense that the quicker we are at finding the benefit in emotionally challenging situations, the happier and more engaged in life we will be. And the positive outcomes of consistently finding the benefit in challenging circumstances are highly significant. Have you ever noticed? –– it’s much easier and a lot more fun to be around people who are happy and engaged in life in meaningful ways: people who don’t major in minors, and keep a level head, even in very challenging situations.