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Heart. What’s in it for me? Why should I live “with heart”?

Heart:  What's in it for me?

Why should I live "with heart"?

Heart is a very common word these days. You see its representation everywhere:  in advertisements, on products, and in countless emojis. But what does “heart” actually mean? Heart is central to all sorts of idioms. “Having your heart in the right place.” “Having a song in your heart.” “Bless your heart.” “Break your heart.” These are just some from a pretty impressive list! Clearly, heart is a central concept in our society, and is most often connected with love. But even “love” can have multiple meanings. In ancient Greek culture, there were six distinct words to distinguish the different kinds of love. Yet English lumps all those meanings into one word. When word meanings are so elusive, it is no wonder we have trouble communicating clearly.